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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)

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Industrial Engineering


Chase Rainwater

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Edwin Romeijn

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Ronald Rardin


A relatively new consideration in proton therapy planning is the requirement that the mix of patients treated satisfy desired percentages. Since it is very dicult to satisfy an integer number of patients in light of these requirements, deviations from patient mix preferences and their impacts on operational capabilities are of particular interest to healthcare planners. Therefore, we propose a bicriteria mathematical programming model that determines an outpatient schedule maximizing the number of fractions and minimizing the deviations from the patient mix ratios over the planning horizon. The tradeos between the two objectives are identied through analysis of ecient frontiers. Our models are applicable to healthcare treatment facilities throughout the United States, but are motivated by collaboration with the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute (UFPTI) in Jacksonville, Florida.