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Master of Science in Microelectronics-Photonics (MS)

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Omar Manasreh

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William F. Oliver III

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Jingxian Wu

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Rick Wise


Applied sciences


Lead selenide and lead selenide/lead sulfide core/shell nanocrystals were investigated for use in near infrared photodetectors. A colloidal synthesis method was used for both the core and core/shell configurations. The lead sulfide shell was examined in order to mitigate oxidation of the nanoparticle surface. Absorbance and photoluminescence spectra were measured at room temperature and 77 K, respectively. Transmission electron microscopy images were also obtained to confirm crystallography and size. Bulk lead selenide was simulated in WIEN2k utilizing the linear-augmented plane wave method of solving density functional theory to better understand the electronic structure of PbSe. The crystal structure, electron density, band structure and density of states are presented and discussed. The calculations correctly predicted a direct band gap at the L point in the Brillouin zone. The band gap calculated was 0.40 eV.