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Master of Science in Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences (MS)

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Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences


Nathan A. Slaton

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Edward E. Gbur Jr.

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Jason P. Kelley

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Richard J. Norman


Biological sciences


Nitrogen (N) availability in poultry litter (PL) applied in the fall as a nutrient source for winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) has not been adequately characterized. Our objective was to determine a potentially available N (PAN) coefficient based on the inorganic-N fertilizer equivalence (FEQ) of fall-applied PL to winter wheat via field and laboratory research. Wheat grown at six site-years received 0, 84 and 168 kg N ha-1 as PL applied preplant and/or at-planting. The FEQ of PL-N was based on growth and yield responses of wheat fertilized with 22 to 191 kg N ha-1 applied in late winter as a urea-ammonium sulfate blend (UASB) which was used to calculate PAN. Tiller number, aboveground N uptake, and grain yield responses to UASB-N were characterized using linear and quadratic models. Soil amended with PL or urea was incubated at 5, 15, and 25°C to supplement field research results. Wheat receiving PL-N produced N uptake and yields that were 11 to 43 kg N ha-1 and 297 to 1474 kg ha-1 greater (p<0.10) than the no N control. Application of 168 kg PL-N ha-1 increased tillering and yields above that of 84 kg PL-N ha-1 at only three site-years. Applying litter at planting resulted in greater wheat yield at only one of six site-years. The average PAN coefficients for PL-N were 0.35, 0.30, and 0.39 kg UASB-N kg-1 PL-N for tiller number, N uptake, and grain yield, respectively. Incubations conducted at 15 and 25°C showed that 19 to 31% of total-PL N was recovered as NO3-N with recovery reaching a plateau in 44 and 28 d, respectively. Based on these results plus other Arkansas research, a grain-yield based PAN coefficient of 0.31 kg UASB-N kg-1 PL-N provides a reasonable approximation of the availability of PL-N to winter wheat.