Pixel; Ghost

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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Kristin Musgnug

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Amjad Faur

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Leo Mazow

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Larry Swartwood


Pixel; Ghost is an exhibition of video and sound installations that explore the creation, change, and degradation of memory, transitional states of mind, and family. The pieces are structured around cinematic clichés such as dream sequences, flashbacks and establishing shots, using them as a language to translate personal experience into something more universal.

In my work, Pixel refers to the individually active component of a larger system. A pixel itself changes and has its own characteristics, though these are ultimately subservient to its role in the larger system of a screen. The purpose and meaning of a pixel comes not from its internal content but from its spatial and time-based context.

Ghost refers to memory and its active function in the present. Memory is inherently tied to video; watching recorded moments of the past can be a séance, bringing the past into the present where its meaning will change depending on the surrounding circumstances of the remembering.

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