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Arkansas, Intestate succession, Mineral interests


Mineral interests may lay dormant for decades before becoming productive. In the interim, however, the owners of these interests do not lay dormant. They live long lives, marry, have children, and eventually, they die. Some of these persons have well-laid estate plans, know the nature and extent of their property, and upon their departure to the hereafter, leave their affairs in meticulous order with no question of who is entitled to what and where. Others depart this life leaving little more than a treasure map and their descendants. Generations and many lines of persons descended from one severed mineral owner repeat the cycle of life—marriage, children, and death with or without consideration for what happens to their property upon their passing. Over many generations with such variations in the handling of final affairs among members of a family, the ownership of the original mineral owner’s interest today can resemble a bowl of spaghetti.