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Technical Report

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Surface runoff, Water quality, Ground water, Solute transport, Vadose zone


Evaluating the effect of land application of animal waste on water quality is fraught with inherent variability due to differing infiltration rates, slope, rainfall intensity and etc . Simulated rainfall technology has been used in erosion research for decades. Generally, this technology is used on plots of sufficient size (25 x 5 m) to develop rill and interrill erosion. The object of this investigation was to adapt and modify existing rainfall simulation technology used in soil erosion research for use in evaluating water quality impacts of land application of animal waste, and to test, evaluate and demonstrate it's scientific validity. State of the art simulation technology was obtained from the National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory located on the campus of Purdue University. The technology was scaled (2 x 6 m) and modified to fit into field research programs having several treatments and rep 1 i cated p 1 ots . The technology was shown to meet specification needed to produce the required raindrop size and velocity, flexibility in storm intensity, while maintaining uniformity(> 0.8). Equally important, the unit is portable and fits well into labor intensive runoff work requiring replication of a variety of treatments.

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