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Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Haggard, Brian

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Runkle, Benjamin

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Costello, Thomas


With climate change entering the forefront of global issues, the need for sustainable practices that can provide for human welfare, social and economic development, and health has become more urgent than ever. Despite the recent increase in climate change impacts around the world, many people are still unaware of the severity of the situation. Changing public perception of these issues is the first step in enacting change and increasing accessibility to this information plays an important role.

Much of the information people consume today comes in the form of video, and it can be an effective tool to change knowledge and behaviors. The findings from this research have been displayed in video form to make the reality of climate change more accessible and visually impactful. Engineering plays a large role in the mitigation of climate change, and these efforts are highlighted in the video through the examples of reduced methane production in rice fields and water resources management in Salt Lake City, UT. Two interviews were conducted (one on each topic) to form the narrative of the video. These two topics were chosen to provide distinct examples of how engineers are mitigating climate change impacts locally and across the country.

The video was posted to YouTube to track viewer engagement and overall public opinion. It is currently being promoted through sources such as the University of Arkansas Department of Biological Engineering, University of Arkansas Honors College, and University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture to increase visibility. As our population continues to grow rapidly in the coming years, the need for solutions to the issues featured in this video will become increasingly urgent. Education about these issues is crucial to making positive change in our society.


Biological Engineering, Climate Change, Video, Rice Research, Great Salt Lake