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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering


Elsaadany, Mostafa


Virtual Reality (VR) has become more accessible in recent years, both to experience and to create. Various studies have shown that incorporating VR in an educational setting can yield positive results. Virtual reality videos created using course-specific content could prove to be a beneficial educational tool. VR videos were implemented in a remote biomolecular engineering laboratory course. 180° VR videos of lab procedures were recorded and viewed by students using a Google Cardboard headset and their smartphones. After viewing all the VR lab videos, students were given a survey to report their experiences. The survey contained questions used to measure student engagement, video content, the potential for future use of VR videos, and the functionality of the VR equipment. The VR videos were very effective at allowing students to work at their own pace. A majority of students agreed that the videos contained enough information to understand the lab. Results were mixed regarding students' opinions if VR videos were an acceptable replacement for in-person labs, whether students would like these types of videos in future labs, and students’ confidence in applying the skills learned virtually in reality. A majority of students felt viewing the videos, including nausea or discomfort from the cardboard headset itself. The videos proved effective in conveying the needed information of the labs but need to be improved. The quality of the headsets for viewing and the camera for recording the videos needs to be improved as it could be difficult to hear or see small details at times. In the future, if VR videos are to be utilized, they should be in combination with in-person labs if possible. They provided an adequate substitute but cannot fully replace in-person labs in their current form. More studies should be conducted with better equipment to further determine their potential as an education tool.


Virtual Reality, Engineering Education, Remote Education, Biomolecular Engineering