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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering


Narasimhan Rajaram

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Quinn, Kyle

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Muldoon, Timothy


A current issue in cancer therapy is the characterization of metastatic tumors, which can increase ease of treatment and patient trials. We present an in vivo study of metastatic (4T1) and non-metastatic (4T1-TWIST KO) breast tumor sister cell lines to understand their metabolic behavior, determine differences in two modes of imaging (reflection & transmission), and observe effect of breathing higher oxygen percentage on vascular hemoglobin oxygen saturation. After injection of 10,000 cells into mice dorsal window chambers, the glucose intake and hemoglobin oxygen saturation was measured using a fluorescent glucose analog (2-NBDG) and hyperspectral trans-illumination imaging from 520-620 nm at 10 nm intervals, respectively. The metastatic tumors exhibited increased oxygen saturation and decreased glucose metabolism than non-metastatic tumors. Reflection mode of imaging was unable to pick intricacies in tumor parameters, and increased inhalation of oxygen caused increase in hemoglobin oxygen saturation.