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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering


Jensen, Morten

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Jensen, Hanna


In vitro testing of the mitral valve chordae tendineae is utilized to aid in the understanding of the stresses that occur in vivo and improve upon surgical solutions that exist for mitral valve repair. This project aimed to design the water control system for a left heart simulation chamber, as well as the pressure acquisition inside the chamber. A solenoid valve was utilized to control the water supply to the tank and was powered utilizing National Instruments software. National Instruments hardware and software was also used with the pressure transducer in order to obtain pressure readings from the chamber. The system was able to be fully controlled using LabVIEW and a pressure trend line was acquired. Future work will focus on developing a way to obtain more precise pressure measurements and automating the solenoid valve to shut off the water supply once physiological pressure has been met inside the chamber.