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Frank Broyles, mentorship, economic impact, Arkansas


Frank Broyles retired from the University of Arkansas on December 31, 2007, after a career in the athletic department of the school that lasted 50 years. First as coach and later as men’s athletic director, Frank Broyles had a profound impact on the state of Arkansas. His leadership skills led to tremendous unquantifiable benefits like personal mentorship of players and staff, notoriety, and philanthropy. His five decade long tenure at the University of Arkansas also led to demonstrable economic impact. The purpose of this study is to quantify and celebrate the economic benefits that have accrued to Arkansas because of the career of Frank Broyles.

Two types of economic impact are evident from the coaching and directing of Frank Broyles. Those effects come from construction and renovation of athletic facilities, and attendance at Razorback sporting events. Both kinds of activities affect direct employment and payroll in the men’s athletic department at the University of Arkansas, but have much broader impacts on the state’s economy through indirect and induced effects. While many of the economic effects are a result of growth in the University and in the industry of college athletics, these dollars and jobs were generated under the leadership of Frank Broyles and are at least indirectly attributable to his efforts.