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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Thoma, Greg

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Hestekin, Jamie


While recycled-paper-briquettes have lower BTU ratings than wood, and fresh water is typically a low cost to agricultural entities, situations exist where economic and/or environmental factors may allow a recycled-paper-fueled desalination process to be viable for some specific agricultural entities. This document begins with a discussion of how water is priced throughout India before analyzing trends in the Maize futures market. By tying the two together, an opportunity is created for solution which the remainder of the document presents. Paper waste in India makes-up 50% of its solid waste country-wide; however, only a quarter of that waste is recycled - the remainder is land filled or incinerated. As an area where overpopulation and an arid climate elevate the prices of clean water, energy and agricultural commodities, unclaimed paper waste may well be utilized in India to produce clean water from saltwater at an affordable price. This thesis presents a paper-recycling process that aims to couple its energy-dense product with a desalination process for agricultural purposes. In addition to desalination for agricultural purposes, this energy source can be applied to other applications including wastewater treatment, residential heating, power generation and medical device sterilization.