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Bachelor of Science Education


Curriculum and Instruction


Imbeau, Marica

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Young, Heather


This research study surveyed preschool teachers and aids at one public PK-5th grade elementary school. The administered survey included questions informed by both the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) and Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). Additional data collected consisted of classroom observations of current preschool teachers at work during a 25-35-minute time period. The research lasted one month and consisted of multiple components including surveys and observations. The data from the study suggests that preschool teachers and aids possessed a mastery of knowledge surrounding factors important for quality early childhood classrooms. Specifically, the teachers and aids excelled in their physical environment, classroom environment, and instructional supports. The presence of these classroom factors were more evident through utilization of the observation protocol instrument, than with the survey, as these factors were implemented in the classroom. The data within this study suggests that the teachers met the standards outlined within ECERS and CLASS.


preschool, prekindergarten