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Bachelor of Science Education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Imbuea, Marcia

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Owen, Donna

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Mounts, Denise


Standardized testing is a task that all students must undertake during their educational careers. Standardized tests are large determinants to course placements, exceptionality placements, grades, school sanctions or rewards, and education policy. It is imperative that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed on standardized tests. However, bias, stress, and anxiety in standardized testing often hinders the opportunity for many students to excel on the tests.

The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the research conducted on standardized testing bias which includes the prevalence of testing bias as well as the causes and types of testing bias. Testing bias can be caused by a large variety of factors such as socioeconomic status, language spoken, prior knowledge, students’ experiences, and home “culture.” Testing bias can be categorized as economic bias, gender bias, or racial bias. Students’ attitudes towards testing is also be explored. The literature review seeks to focus on students’ view of standardized testing and how they can be given a voice to share those views in school.


standardized testing, standardized testing bias, testing bias, students' attitudes towards standardized testing

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