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During the last 100 years, Indian Cinema has played a major role in the influence of certain attitudes toward women in Indian society. Early on, women were portrayed as evil temptresses, sex symbols, and/or damsels in distress. These roles went against equality and were far more challenging for the women in Indian films. In 1954, a group of about 13,000 women petitioned the prime minister that these character types were unacceptable. They believed these films were having a negative effect on society, especially for the generations to come. This short documentary showcases the journey of the women who began this fight and the women who continue the effort for the rights of equality for women on the screen and in society.

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Indian Cinema, Women in Indian Cinema, Film Appreciation Society, University of Arkansas Department of Communication, Bentonville Film Festival


Department of Communication Film Appreciation Society/Bentonville Film Festival

Director: Paulina Sobczak

Editor: Paulina Sobczak

Written and Produced by: Tyler Costello, Caitlyn Brandom, Sydney Mulvenon, Kelsey Wexler, Chenwei Wu

Faculty Advisors: Margaret Miller Butcher, Frank Milo Scheide

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