University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Rice, rice kernal, fissure, drying, tempering


Fissures are fractures of a rice kernel that can be created during the drying and tempering process. They cause tremendous postharvest losses in milling yield. Understanding why and how rice kernels fissure will lead to optimal drying and tempering operations. This information could also provide input to plant breeders for producing rice cultivars that are more resistant to fissuring. Rice kernels were dried using various air conditions in a controlled environment chamber. The kernels were viewed by video microscopy to observe the occurrence of fissures. A videocassette recorder recorded the images for a 24-hour period after the drying process. The tapes were reviewed to reveal characteristics of the fissures. The rice cultivars used in this experiment were ‘Bengal’, ‘Cypress’, and ‘Drew’. The tests showed that Cypress kernels were more resistant to fissuring than were the other two cultivars. The recorded images from the microscopy chamber showed that fissures begin from the inside of the kernel. Also, fissures were observed to form almost instantaneously.