University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Rice, cereal grains, rice health benefits


Rice is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world. Rice bran, a by-product of the rice milling process, contains an abundance of nutrients including protein, fiber, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and other nutraceuticals. However, rice bran is underutilized in the food industry. In this project muffins were prepared with varying concentrations (2.5%, 5.0%, 7.5%, 10.0%, 15.0%, 20.0%, and 25.0%) of 60 mesh (250 µm) fermented rice bran (60 mFRB) and 80 mesh (180 µm) fermented rice bran (80 mFRB). A cappuccino muffin formulation was used as flavor for all the samples. The control sample was prepared without the fermented rice bran for comparison. Initial taste evaluations using student panelists demonstrated muffins incorporated with 80 mFRB were too dense, unacceptable, and discontinued for further study while the muffins prepared with 60 mFRB were found to be acceptable. The sensory qualities (texture, color, mouthfeel, aroma) and overall consumer acceptability of the muffins with 2.5%, 5.0%, 7.5%, and 10.0% 60 mFRB have lower firmness values in comparison to the control representing a softer texture. Three out of five sensory panelists considered muffins with 20.0% and 25.0% 60 mFRB to be acceptable in terms of color, texture, mouthfeel, and aroma. Hence, this project demonstrates that fermented rice bran products can be used in the preparation of breakfast food products like muffins. This innovative ingredient formulation concept can be useful in creating successful commercial bakery products that will provide protein, fiber and other nutrients.