University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Poultry industry, broiler production


The poultry industry has experienced unprecedented increased efficiencies since 1960 in large part due to vertical integration facilitated by production contracts between growers and integrators. As growers seek information about contract production they need to be well informed about all aspects of the process, especially potential income. Recent poultry grower complaints have surfaced as a result of incorrect expense and revenue expectations. The Interactive Broiler Income Spreadsheet (IBIS) is being developed to enable current and prospective poultry producers to better estimate income. IBIS, an unbiased Excel™ spreadsheet tool to assist in decision making regarding broiler production profitability, uses actual grower expense and revenue information or, alternatively, grower-panel default data to assess income under various growerspecified production, expense, and price scenarios. Poultry integrator grower service personnel, lenders, and Cooperative Extension professionals will utilize IBIS to assist growers in operational planning and risk tolerance identification in varying economic situations. Growers may also gauge effects of capital improvements, equipment upgrades, chick placements, and time between flocks on income. Development of IBIS is continuing with collection of additional data and revision of procedures based upon results of field testing.