University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


Cultural competence, library, early childhood education, diversity equity and inclusion, foreign languages


There is an ever-growing need for cultural competence and a well-rounded education, especially for children. In order to promote cultural competence, this creative project focused on enhancing a library space at the University of Arkansas Bumpers College Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas with resources that address diversity and cultural competence. The goal was to transform the library into an enticing, relaxing, and judgment-free area where children feel comfortable to explore their culture and the cultures of others. New books added to the library were thoroughly reviewed and chosen for the purpose of promoting cultural competence and inclusion, as well as new language introduction. A wide variety of cultures from around the world, as well as over ten languages, were represented in the new reading materials. In addition to new reading materials, new furniture and decor items were also purchased to elevate the space into a comfortable area that welcomes children and invites them to explore. The hope is that in using the new space and reading books that focus on cultural competence, the children (and adult educators) will learn about different cultures.