University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Division of Agriculture


The effect of Triticum turgidum cytoplasm on soft red winter wheat (T. aestivum) was studied relative to test weight (bushel weight) and agronomic traits such as heading date, resistance to leaf rust, and plant color. The cytoplasmic effects were studied in three genetic backgrounds by crossing the cultivars Jackson, Pioneer 2684, and Wakefield with a plant introduction PI590277 that carried T. turgidum cytoplasm. Twelve alloplasmic and euplasmic populations were developed through a backcrossing procedure. The study used a micro test weight procedure to compare F4 lines within the populations for test weight. The data for other agronomic traits were taken by field ratings. Statistical analysis showed no significant gain in test weight due to T. turgidum cytoplasm (P=0.32). However, an important effect on leaf-rust reaction was observed. The lines derived from ‘Pioneer 2684’ and ‘Wakefield’ that carried T. turgidum cytoplasm were more resistant to leaf rust than were their respective euplasmic lines. Euplasmic and alloplasmic lines derived from ‘Jackson’ did not show difference in leaf-rust reaction. A yellow color at harvest and late heading date were observed on alloplasmic lines derived from ‘Pioneer 2684’ and ‘Wakefield’ cultivars. The third cultivar ‘Jackson’ showed no yellow coloration at harvest.