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Allen, Bradley


Murad Auctions has been very successful, especially in the last five years, by perfecting their business to meet their clients’ needs through live and silent auction events. They have done this through relentlessly putting the client first and taking steps to provide their clients with the right tools to become a successful and securing Murad Auction’s as a necessary service and consultant company. Through this research we are searching for the key problems that Murad Auction is facing and where Murad Auctions can enhance and broaden their services beyond the DFW area.

Murad Auctions has been successful on many fronts, they first began their business as an auction company that specialized on non-profits in contrast to the other auctioneers in the DFW area that focused mostly on cattle or industrial auctions and took on non-profits as extra jobs. They realized this niche need and took on the responsibility of becoming a successful non-profit auction company. Soon enough they found great success in the process of the event by creating a smooth process for check-in and check-out. They now offer a large variety of services from custom bid paddles to software consultation.


Murad Auctions, charity auction company, virtual events, expansion