Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Mantooth, H. Alan, 1963-

Committee Member/Reader

Wu, Jingxian


The aim of this thesis is to present and explore the results of a method for characterizing CMOS transmission gates in an IC design process, as well as to describe their importance in circuit design. The method applies to any fabrication process, but the work for this thesis was conducted in a silicon-carbide process, in the first round of fabrication. The first section covers basic information regarding transmission gates, as well as showing their value in circuit design. Secondly, the design, simulation, and implementation of the characterizing test structures is detailed. The third section delineates the test setup and procedures for evaluating physical device performance, and analyzes the results obtained. Finally, the function of characterization is reviewed, and the results are related to the project at hand. The results show that the characterization, in this instance, is valuable, as the simulations varied considerably from actual performance.