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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Ang, Simon S


With the progression of technological advances, electronic devices are becoming increasingly smaller while simultaneously becoming increasing powerful. Consumer demand for a cheaper, longer lasting battery life challenges today’s engineers to continually develop a battery and its circuitry with increasing efficiency without compromising performance. Developing an affordable, efficient external battery pack has been the marketable solution, but the question is whether or not the existing external battery packs available are meeting the wants and desires of the end consumer. The answer is partially in that my research confirms that the current solution is not ideal; however, efficiency has been increased as well as speed, and the cost and size of the technology available today has indeed decreased making it affordable to a larger market of users. The successful results obtained have the potential to lead to cheaper, environment friendly solutions with better responses as we turn to solar power and other renewable resources for the next generation of external battery packs.