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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering


Balda, Juan C


The flyback converter is an extremely common topology used for DC/DC power conversion. Widely used methods to control the flyback converter include voltage mode and current mode controllers. More recently, sliding mode control has been developed for the flyback converter. While these control methods may be considered adequate, the Natural Switching Surface (NSS) sliding mode control method detailed in this thesis presents a more robust controller. NSS control eliminates the effects presented from variations in components and design as well as minimizes the effects from external disturbances. This thesis steps through the complete design and implementation process of a NSS controller for a 100W flyback converter. The fundamental operational principals of the flyback converter will be described first. A detailed derivation of the NSS control for a flyback converter will follow. Simulations of the derived controller will be evaluated in MATLAB/Simulink©. The component level selection and design is detailed. Finally, the completed flyback with the NSS controller is fully tested in a laboratory setting and experimental results are analyzed.