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Master of Science in Geology (MS)

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Ralph Davis

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Matthew Covington

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Adriana Potra


Earth sciences, Hydrogeology, Mississippian reservoir, Oklahoma, Osage county


This study consisted of using drill stem tests, seismic amplitude data, and well logs to create the parameters needed to construct a groundwater flow model for a portion of Osage County. At the start, a potentiometric map of Osage County, Oklahoma was generated to use as a basis for the initial hydraulic heads and the constant heads in the model. Next, three seismic amplitude images were produced in a seismic interpretation program, OpenDtect, to base the hydraulic conductivity values on. In addition, utilizing Gamma Ray on 12 separate wells east-west across the county, a structural cross-section was created within Petra. Last, all the parameters produced from the previous steps were input into Modflow to create three separate flow models, one being the calibrated model and the other two being the sensitivity analysis models. The final results establish a reliable method to produce the data parameters needed to successfully create a spatially larger model to accurately describe this systems controls on porosity and permeability and hence, the reservoir flow capabilities and quantities.