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Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Marcia B. Imbeau

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Michael Wavering

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Christian Goering


Education, Ad/hd, Collaboration, Landau kleffner, Positive reinforcement, Proprioception, Seizures


There is an unprecedented increase of rare low-incident severe disabilities in today's classroom. Some of them pose classroom management challenges due to concomitantly appearing behavior challenges. Landau Kleffner Syndrome is one such disability. It was cited for the first time in 1957 (Zhang, & Gregory, 2010) and is characterized by a typical language and cognitive growth that retrogresses after three to nine years of age (O'Hare, 2008). Behavioral regression is exhibited by students being physically and verbally aggressive (Ekinci, Isik, & Melek, 2012). Children also depict abnormal electroencephalographic (EEG) traits, especially when sleeping (Slyke, 2002). Other concomitant characteristics include attention deficits and severe auditory verbal agnosia (Slyke, 2002).

This research was conducted to collect, analyze, and consolidate experiences of adults who served a particular child with Landau Kleffner Syndrome from elementary school to high school. By the end of the research, the subject was nineteen years old and in high school. Challenges, strategies, and concerns of the participants were successfully consolidated and documented for future consultation.