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Master of Arts in Journalism (MA)

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Jan LleBlanc Wicks

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Ignatius Fosu

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Kasey Walker


Social sciences, Communication and the arts, Journalism, Marketing, Miracle league, Non profit, Social marketing, Social marketing plan


Miracle League is a baseball league specially designed to allow disabled children, teens, and adults have the same opportunity to play baseball as able-bodied individuals on a field specifically designed to accommodate all disabilities. This thesis offers the Miracle League of Arkansas a specified Social marketing plan. In order to assist Miracle League in the acquisition of new players, volunteers, and donors, research was compiled and conducted to implement a successful Social marketing plan for the spring 2016 Miracle League season. This Social marketing plan gives Miracle League recommendations on how to appeal to parents of potential Miracle League players, volunteers, and donors. A survey was conducted with current parents and volunteers to create a public service announcement (PSA) and recommendations to attract new parents and volunteers. The survey included items based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) and results were used to modify the final PSA to complement how the target market was likely to process the PSA. The Social marketing plan includes detailed background information regarding disabled children in Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock and information on the specified target market. The Social marketing plan will help acquire more players, volunteers and donors in the NWA and Little Rock areas and make potential parents of players, volunteers, and donors aware of Miracle League.