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Master of Science in Geology (MS)

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Christopher Liner

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Gregory Dumond

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Steve Milligan


Earth sciences, 3D seismic, Basement, Dickite, Mississippian limestone, Precambrian


Deep basement events seen in 3D seismic surveys located in Osage County, Oklahoma can be observed and may have affect overlying sedimentary formations. The 3D surveys used in this study are on the Chautauqua platform about fifty miles northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stratigraphy of the work area spans base of the Permian to Precambrian formations, with basement depth averaging around 5000 ft in the area of the 3D seismic surveys. Cores spanning Precambrian to Pennsylvanian were examined in the area of the 3D seismic surveys. Hydrothermal minerals were observed in Mississippian age cores. The basement events where tracked using OpendTect with strike and dip measurements taken. Precambrian basement rock outcrops in Mays County near the town of Spavinaw, Oklahoma. Granite paleotopograhic highs (referred to as the Tulsa Mountains) can be seen on a structural contour map of the basement on the eastern side of Osage County. The goal is to study the Precambrian basement using 3D seismic, core samples, and well logs to identify and track basement events through the granite basement and into the overlying sedimentary section.