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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Andrew F. Braham

Committee Member

Sarah V. Hernandez

Second Committee Member

Gary Prinz


Applied sciences, Asphalt, Black space diagram, Pavement


Uniaxial dynamic modulus is a standard test used to determine the viscoelastic behavior of asphalt pavement materials, with the standard analysis generating a Master Curve. One alternative to the master curve approach is a Black Space diagram, which is a rheological plot that can delineate either dynamic modulus |E*| or shear modulus |G*| vs. phase angle (δ). In this study, four asphalt binders were tested with one aggregate blend. One of these four binders was unmodified and the other three were modified with polymers and acids. Additionally, Polyphosphoric acid (PPA) is compared to the more traditional SBS polymer modification. PPA is currently prohibited in Arkansas because of a lack of information on its field performance. Three tests were performed: Uniaxial |E*|, Indirect Tension (IDT |E*|), and Torsion Bar |G*|. Traditional Master Curves and Black Space diagrams were plotted to have a comparison between all materials. The results show that Black Space diagram plotted with the Torsion Bar |G*| configuration is able to more clearly identify viscoelastic behavior of asphalt pavement materials in comparison with the master curve approach.