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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Jeannie L. Hulen

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Adam Posnak

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Ana Pulido-Rull

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David C. Chioffi

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Mathew S. McConnell


Communication and the arts, Art, Art theory, Ceramics, Fine art, Functionalism, Still-life


With an overwhelming concern for functionality, the design world and industrial production have moved far beyond the pure necessity of the handmade object. With the paper coffee cup, disposable utility is the primary goal; afterwards the service is performed and the thing is discarded. On the other hand, the clay object can be used and reused allowing a personal relationship to form between the user and the object, the maker and the user. My work is meant to reconnect us with the haptic; the tacit knowledge of the physical. I want the user to think of a place beyond the gallery; I want my sculpture to bring greater awareness to the constructed world around us. I am focused on discussing the functional aspects of mundane or ordinary things and investigating the importance of objects, as they exist within popular culture and the domestic sphere, by constructing tableaus from component-based objects fabricated from ceramic.

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Ceramic Arts Commons