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Master of Science in Agricultural & Extension Education (MS)

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Casandra Cox

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Michael Looper

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Don Edgar

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George Wardlow


Education, ATV, Accident, All terrain, Course, Education, Safety


In response to popularity of ATVs in Arkansas and youth ATV accident rates, the Arkansas 4-H program established an ATV safety training program in 2008. The program has educated 1,500 youth in Arkansas about basic concepts of safe ATV operation in response to youth accident rates. The course covered proper equipment, laws, proper riding, and handling techniques. The program has not been evaluated. The study was to evaluate participants’ knowledge levels prior to participation in the program and after receiving instruction and hands-on ATV operation training, and to determine if Standard Course and S-Course participants’ knowledge scores were different. The effectiveness of the program as a tool to teach participants basic concepts of safe ATV operation. The course covered proper equipment, laws, proper riding, and handling techniques. The study also compared the results of two different versions of the ATV Safety program, the Standard Course and the S-Course in order to determine which course was most effective at teaching the concepts previously listed. ATV Safety Course participants who completed the training between December 2015 and April 2016 participated in this study. A significant difference was seen in test scores for both the Standard Course and S-Course, while no significant difference was found when Standard Course and S-Course participant scores were compared. The study found that participant ATV knowledge increased regardless of which version of the course was completed.