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Master of Science in Human Environmental Science (MS)

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Mechelle Bailey

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M. E. Garrison

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Sabrina P. Trudo


Health and environmental sciences, Education, Culinary skills & knowledge, Dietetics education


Graduates of didactic programs in dietetics are entering internships with little cooking experience. The Food and Culinary Professionals’ Dietetic Practice Group (FCP DPG) has identified 11 core competencies that were developed as a recommendation to dietetic educators to include more culinary knowledge into existing programs. The purpose of this study was to determine if developing and incorporating experiential learning targeted to the competencies would increase dietetic students’ culinary skills and knowledge at a southern land-grant university. Food and Culinary Professionals’ DGP core competencies were used to guide the development of curriculum, experiential learning, and assessment in the Principles of Foods course for dietetics. Example experiences included identifying fruits and vegetables and culinary equipment, and performing culinary skills. The skills assessment, comprised of 50 testable components, was completed in the laboratory. The knowledge assessment was comprised of 50 short answer and fill in the blank questions, and was completed during class lecture time. Thirty- two students were assessed at the beginning of the course and after completing the course. Data were collected and analyzed by paired t-test using SPSS. There was a statistically significant increase in both assessments. There was a mean increase of 13.96± 1.1 points (p