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Master of Arts in Psychology (MA)

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Psychological Science


Ana Bridges

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Ellen Leen-Feldner

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Jeffrey Lohr


Parent Management Training, Primary Care, Youth


This study explores the notion that brief interventions delivered in primary care can lead to positive outcomes in children with externalizing behavior problems. Study aims explored behavioral problem prevalence, whether caregivers found it acceptable to receive brief behavioral interventions following routine pediatric visits for identified behavioral problems, and whether it was feasible to deliver same-day services in a primary care setting. Additionally, preliminary data were provided regarding a small N randomized control trial conducted in a primary care setting. The trial utilized either a one-session intervention comprised of evidence-based Parent Management Training components or a supportive therapy intervention for children with externalizing behavioral problems. Participants were 100 caregivers and their children (M = 5.32 years, 54% female, 54% White) with disruptive behavior problems. Results revealed that more than half of caregivers (53%) endorsed one or more observed behavioral problems with their child. When offered help for identified problems, caregivers largely refused help and when they did accept help they were largely unable to stay for a same-day behavioral health visit. Preliminary small N trial data were provided by caregivers of 6 children (M = 5.50 years, 83% male, 67% White). Results indicated positive behavioral improvements in both children and caregivers, although caregiver knowledge regarding specific PMT components did not improve.