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Doy Zachry

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Celina Suarez

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Steve Milligan


Arkoma Basin, Dolomite, Hunton Group


The Hunton Group has been a prolific hydrocarbon-producing reservoir across much of Oklahoma and western Arkansas. The group is a Silurian-Devonian aged interval that is comprised of sequences of limestone, dolomite, and calcareous shale. The group is divided into several formations. The subdivisions include the Chimneyhill Subgroup, Henryhouse, Haragan and Bois d'Arc Formations. Reservoir quality in the Hunton Group is significantly dependent upon the diagenetic events and depositional environments of the sediments. Most hydrocarbon production, from within the Hunton Group, comes from members that have undergone dolomite replacement of the parent limestone.

The higher amounts of porosity and permeability are associated with secondary dissolution in packstones and grainstones. The changes in facies and diagenesis are major factors in reservoir productivity. Understanding the relationships between reservoir facies and diagenesis is crucial for the successful development of these fields. A better understanding of the origin and diagenesis of these dolomite horizons will be very beneficial in the further development of the Kinta and Bonaza Fields.