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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCmpE)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Dale Thompson

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Craig Thompson

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John Gauch


Banking, Location, Mobile, Privacy, Security


Mobile Banking is becoming a major part of our world's financial system. Being able to manage one's finances on a mobile device can provide services that can make users more productive. It can also serve as a means of financial freedom to those who are unable to access physical banking facilities due to distance, or other problems. However, with such freedom also comes the need for security. A person's financial information is one of the most targeted groups of information by attackers. To secure these mobile freedoms, this paper presents a system to secure mobile banking procedures using global positioning systems (GPS) within mobile devices, and low density parity codes (LDPC). The approach is to determine a user's daily locations, set them as trusted locations, and use LDPC codes not only to obscure this data from attackers, but to help in correcting inaccurate GPS readings. The conclusions, based on thorough testing, is that this system is able to more readily secure a person's mobile banking applications on their mobile device.