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Doctor of Education in Educational Administration (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Carleton Holt

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Jules Beck

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Benny Gooden


Academic Achievement of African American Males, African American Male, African American Male Principal, African American Male Success, Factors Influening African American Males, Successful African American Male Principals


A consistent pattern of academic failure among African American (AA) males in our nation's schools has generated a great deal of interest among educational researchers and practitioners. In fact, some studies show that AA males have been labeled as an endangered species. In an effort to reduce this dangerous negative trend, more research needs to be conducted to uncover those factors that contribute to AA males' academic achievement. This study will investigate factors (motivation, parental involvement/family and peer influence, environmental, or social factors) that may have contributed to the academic achievement of AA male principals who have achieved success by obtaining academic credentials beyond the bachelor's degree. To give educational stakeholders more insight into what factors contributed to their academic success, data will be collected to identify the factors that motivated AA male principals to become successful, with the hope that this information may also provide educational stakeholders with more insight on how to increase the academic achievement of AA males in the general population. This study will show how it contributes to the field of education by enlightening students, parents, teachers, educational advocates, legislators and policy makers at the federal, state and local levels on the success stories of six AA male principals. This study will further add to the field by highlighting programs designed to help meet the needs of AA male students.