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Toni Jensen

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Padma Viswanathan

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Geoffrey Brock


Dog The Bounty Hunter, Etc., Joe Piscopo, Kanye West, Marcella Hamilton, Swamp-Nazis


This abstract is brought to you by Pogodyne Incorporated, whom you may remember from other narrative disasters such as: Finding Pynchon and that one about Marcella Hamilton with that guy. In this one, Kanye West and his partner Dog the Bounty Hunter find themselves involved in another zany mystery, filled with slapsticks and low-wits. In this powerhouse action adventure, buddy-cop-bonanza, there is no respite from hilarity and political intrigue. With cameos aplenty, a trolley chase, and one very live-wire prop comedian, this thing has got it all, friends. You didn’t ask for it is, but here it is, in all of its wackness, a novel that interests itself in the real questions: Is Joe Piscapo a vampire? Is Kanye West the secret ruler of the Republican Party? Is a white rapper named Lil Xan the real and true anti-Christ? Hey, who the heck cares?

Available for download on Saturday, May 23, 2020

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