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Master of Science in Agricultural & Extension Education (MS)

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Jefferson Miller

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Jill Rucker

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Andrew McKenzie

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Emily Buck


Agricultural Communications, Higher Education, United Kingdom


There is a current need to identify and describe opinions of prospective employers and current agricultural students about the prospects of developing an agricultural communications academic discipline in the U.K. An understanding of the competencies employers would expect of agricultural communications graduates, as well as an understanding of what students would expect to learn, would form the conceptualization and development of the discipline in the U.K. A total of 22 agricultural communications professionals and 67 agricultural students from across the United Kingdom completed the survey. Collected data showed agricultural students and agricultural communications professionals answers overall were not statistically different. Both groups found many of the competencies such as writing skills and general communication skills to be important for an agricultural communications graduate in the United Kingdom. Future studies should investigate the need for an agricultural communications academic discipline in the communications profession in the United Kingdom.