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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Civil Engineering


Ernest Heymsfield

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W. Micah Hale

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R. Panneer Selvam

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Halil Ceylan

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Wayne Hodo


This dissertation analyzes developing and assessing the viability of an anti-icing airfield heated pavement system using solar energy. This study includes two components, a field experimentation component and a numerical analysis component. Field experimentation investigates two systems: (1) an electrical heated pavement system with a photovoltaic energy system as its power source, and (2) a hydronic heated pavement system with a solar water-heating system as its heating source. The systems operate under an automated thermostat heating sequence for operation optimization and energy conservation. Study results found the solar systems capable of supplying enough energy to maintain pavement surface temperature above freezing and melt snow. A finite element model (FEM) extends the near-surface electrical heated pavement system analysis to assess the energy required to heat a cold region airport’s airfield pavement. A benefit-cost analysis (BCA) expands the hydronic system analysis to assess the viability for implementing a solar-hydronic heated pavement system at an apron area.