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Doctor of Philosophy in Entomology (PhD)

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Ashley P. Dowling

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Fred Stephen

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Tim Kring

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Andrew Alverson

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Daniel Magoulick


Acari, Acarology, Phylogenetics, Taxonomy


The full suite of known Monatractides (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae) taxa of North America (north of Mexico) are investigated herein using integrative methods. Species hypotheses are supported with morphology, geography, and phylogenetic analysis of the barcoding region of COI for 154 individuals from over 100 localities. Relationships between species are examined with a combined analysis of COI and 28S rDNA for 55 specimens. Previously described species are examined and re-described with color images and updated information, where possible. Our results indicate the need to synonymize two species: M. californica (Marshall, 1943) is a junior synonym of M. geographica (Marshall, 1943). We describe 21 new species and re-describe all previously described species. Overall, diversity of Monatractides in the United States and Canada is represented by 27 species, 14 from the east and 13 from the west. These species have been organized into 4 species groups that include 3 smaller groups, separated by morphology for convenience of identification. A key is provided to all described species in the US and Canada.