Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education (PhD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Kristin Higgins

Committee Member

Ketevan Mamiseishvili

Second Committee Member

Danette Horne

Third Committee Member

Paul Blisard


clinical training, counselor education, in-house clinic, self-efficacy, supervision, training clinic


The primary focus of this study was to examine the differences between trainees’ perceived self-efficacy when they graduate from a counseling program that has a community based mental health training clinic versus a program without a training clinic. A web-based survey was developed with the questions from the Counseling Self-Efficacy Inventory (COSE) (Larson et al., 1992) and 45 (N = 45) participants took the survey online. Participants were students enrolled and taking a practicum or internship class in a counseling program with a training clinic (WTC) or in a counseling program without a clinic (WTTC). Mann-Whitney Wilcoxon test, a non-parametric statistical test, was used due to the small sample size to analyze the differences between the groups. Analyses revealed that there is no statistically significant difference between the groups.

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