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Doctor of Education in Workforce Development Education (EdD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Vicki Dieffenderfer

Committee Member

Kenda Grover

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Jules Beck


African American, Diversity, Millennials, Minority, Retention, Workplace


Millennials make up the largest segment of the current workforce. However, research about minority Millennials and their needs are relatively unknown. The purpose of this study was to find out what minority Millennials deemed important within an organization’s culture and the policies and programs that would persuade them to remain with the company. Purposeful sampling was used to identify participants for this study. Participants met the criterion of a Millennial by age, identified as a minority, currently worked at an organization with 50 or more employees in an office location and had worked for their current employer for one year or more. The results of the study indicated that, in terms of company culture, minority Millennials expect diversity, inclusion, and opportunities for minorities in leadership positions. Minority Millennials expect programs that promote continuing education, and opportunities for career growth. Minority Millennials expect competitive benefits packages, pay, and workplace flexibility. Companies can use this information to gain a better understanding of the culture, programs and policies that minority Millennials expect at their workplace. The failure to understand minority Millennials could result in significant turnover and the inability to recruit the diverse workforce that Millennial’s desire.