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Master of Fine Arts in Art (MFA)

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Marc Mitchell

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Ana Pulido Rull


Female Artist, Fine Arts, History Painting, International Female Artist, Iranian Female Artist, Painting


As an Iranian female artist, my work revolves around my desire to reconcile my relationship with two distinctive places, Tehran (my native land) and Arkansas (where I reside now). In my paintings and installations, I re-create intimate moments culled from my home and neighborhood in Iran. Due to a situation where I am far away from my homeland and not allowed to return without being forced to remain in Iran, I can feel my memories of home fading away. By utilizing memories from my past, I take aspects of images that are no longer recognizable and, therefore, are abstracted into shapes that allude to elements found in my homeland. Consequently, aspects of everyday life such as architecture, furniture, gardens, or a specific time of a day become the basis for my work. My relationship with my surroundings has changed; consequently, my involvement with my medium, painting, has altered. In this paper, I will explain the transformation of my practice due to the alternation of my living circumstances, such as my association with culture and history, as well as the physical features of the land.

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