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Master of Arts in Sociology (MA)

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Sociology and Criminology


Grant Drawve

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Jyotishka Datta

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Jeff Gruenewald

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Casey Harris

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Shaun Thomas


80-20 Rule, Conjunctive Analysis of Case Configurations, Crime and Place, Spatial Analysis


Researchers of crime and place have long explored the uneven distribution of crime within the built environment and repeatedly identified where crime is concentrated. The longstanding question pertaining to crime at the micro-level, is why crime concentrates. This study operates within environmental criminology, through an 80-20 framework, to explore the spatial distribution of crime across streets with crime generators and attractors in St. Louis, Missouri to fill this gap in the literature. A conjunctive analysis of case configurations is used to identify unique high and low-crime street profiles. Crime data from 2018 – 2019 are used from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to explore crime’s distribution, along with crime generators and attractors’ unique combinations, across streets. The findings of this study support literature on the 80-20 rule and law of crime concentration with implications for environmental criminology, policing, practitioners, and future studies.

Keywords: crime and place, 80-20, conjunctive analysis of case configuration