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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

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Civil Engineering


Andrew Braham

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Cameron Murray

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Zahid Hossain


Asphalt, Mixture Testing, Pavements, Transportation


There are many different species and subspecies of aggregate used across the state of Arkansas, and the rest the country. However, it cannot be presumed that the amount and type of these aggregates will be compatible with the commonly used asphalt binder of an area; this can lead to performance issues and premature pavement damage. It has been suspected in Arkansas that an excessive amount of sandstone in asphalt mixtures may be a culprit of some of these premature pavement damage issues, especially regarding the moisture susceptibility of a pavement. This study aimed to analyze the performance effects of using variable amounts of sandstone in order to determine the performance relationship among different amounts of sandstone in mixtures along with those with different types of aggregate. This study utilized test methods to analyze the cracking, rutting, and moisture susceptibility of mixtures produced in plants and laboratories. It was found that the most evident issues with sandstone usage occurred with at least 63% sandstone in the mixtures and were specifically detrimental to the cracking and moisture resistance of a mixture.