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Master of Arts in Journalism (MA)

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Patsy Watkins

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Hoyt Purvis

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Robert Brady


Communication and the arts, Brand, Comparative, Digital, Editorial content, Magazine, Web site, Website


With the digital expansion of magazines, it is essential to determine how a magazine's online and digital content compares to its print content. The editorial strategy for print content versus Web content could make a difference in consumers' brand attachment and loyalty to a magazine. Magazines must have a dynamic online strategy that offers a different experience than printed material in order to gain new relationships and strengthen those relationships people already have with the brand. A comparative analysis of the print content versus the online website content of four separate women's publications can help determine if each magazine is using a dynamic online strategy or if the Web content will substitute the print magazine for readers. It should be noted that success in the digital world can be whatever the publisher considers relevant, which could range from online branding to new audiences to new revenue streams (FIPP, 2007). The results of this analysis can be used to determine how the relationship between the online content and print content of a magazine affect its overall brand success.