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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


Scott C. Smith

Committee Member

Jia Di

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Alan Mantooth

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Randy Brown

Fourth Committee Member

Simon Ang


Applied sciences, Asynchronous design, Carbon nanotubes, Digital circuits, Digital design, Ternary logic, Transistors


As digital circuit design continues to evolve due to progress of semiconductor processes well into the sub 100nm range, clocked architectures face limitations in a number of cases where clockless asynchronous architectures require substantially less power, generate less noise, and produce less electromagnetic interference (EMI). This dissertation develops the Delay Insensitive Ternary Logic (DITL) asynchronous design paradigm that combines the designs aspects of similar Dual-Rail asynchronous paradigms and Boolean logic to create a single wire per bit, three voltage signaling and logic scheme.

DITL is designed at the transistor level using multi-threshold CMOS and carbon nanotube (CNT) FETs to develop primitive logic gates, which are combined to design larger circuits, simulated at the transistor level, and compared with other paradigms for energy, timing, and area. DITL is applied to design secure hardware resistant to side-channel attacks and found to be more attack resistant than other methods.