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Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education (PhD)

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Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders


Roy C. Farley

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Daniel B. Kissinger

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Brent T. Williams

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George S. Denny


Philosophy, religion and theology, Psychology, Health and environmental sciences, Adolescents, Counselor, Existential, Religious, Spiritual, Substance use, Well-being


In recent years there has been a movement towards a holistic perspective of human nature in the counseling leading to increased interest in the nature and role of spirituality in counseling and the counseling process. In the present study multiple regression analysis is used to determine whether Counselor Level of Spiritual Well-Being, or aspects thereof, namely, Counselor Level of Existential Well-Being and/or Counselor Level of Religious Well-Being, as measured by the Spiritual Well-Being Scale significantly impacts client outcomes, namely, Morale, Global Symptoms, and Global Impairment as measured by the Health Dynamics Inventory for adolescents receiving treatment for substance use and/or co-occurring psychiatric disorders. A significant relationship was found for only Counselor Level of Religious Well-Being alone and in combination with other variables and client outcomes on Global Impairment. Results and their implications as well as suggestions for further research are discussed.