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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Timby, Donia

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Mosley, Jacquelyn

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McNally, Shelley


Beginning in the 14th century, gardens have been used to heal patients in hospitals around the world. In post-World War I America, they were reestablished as a part of hospitals, but not necessarily seen as a healing mechanism. The goal for this project was to create a garden that could potentially have similar beneficial effects on the children and staff at the Jean Tyson Child Development Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Healing gardens and nature as a whole can help with physical healing, as well as emotional, spiritual, and mental health. This creative project is a demonstration garden that has been installed and renovated in the year 2020. The goal for the project is for others to come and observe the garden, including hospital staff, school staff, childcare workers, and any other facilities or organizations working with ill, or well children. We want the garden to reinforce the ideas to other community entities about the benefits that can come from being in our natural healing environment. The hope is all of these facilities will be in the position to learn from our extensive research and specific construction of our garden at the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center (JTCDSC).


healing garden, nature based therapy, nature