This forum tackles the recent global outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. University of Arkansas faculty, doctors from Washington Regional Medical Center and Arkansas state leaders confront the virus from a variety of angles —medical sciences, supply chain, public health, social media, mathematics, economics, history, religion, art, and environmental studies. In so doing, the forum’s instructors situate COVID-19 within a broader narrative of the history of pandemics as well as the multivalent factors contributing to virulent flu eruptions across an international stage.

These videos document lectures offered in the May 2020 Honors College Forum, Pandemic, one of the first college courses in the nation to specifically focus on the global outbreak of COVID-19.

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Forums from 2020


Pandemic Forum Syllabus, Lynda Coon

Forum 1: Fighting the Coronavirus: General Virology and COVID-19 Basics, James Newton and Mark Thomas

Forum 2: Chinese Reactions and Responses, Kelly Hammond

Forum 3: Mathematical Modeling and Geospatial Mapping, Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Daniel Sui

Forum 4: Human-Animal Disease Transmission, Laura Rothfeldt and Laura Thomas

Forum 5: Quarantine and Plague, Tricia Starks

Forum 6: Ebolavirus and Coronavirus Among Wild Animals, Kristian Forbes

Forum 7: Media, Perception and Behavior: Thinking in Terms of Public Health, Brian Primack

Forum 8: Medieval Apocalypse, Lynda Coon and Lynn Jacobs

Forum 9: Economic Impact of COVID-19, Jennie Popp, Di Fang, and John Cairns

Forum 10: Supply Chain, Rod Thomas, John Kent, David Dobrzykowski, Remko van Hoek, Mary Lacity, Brian Fugate, Brent Williams, and Matt Waller

Forum 11: Arkansas State Government Responds to COVID-19, Asa Hutchinson